About Kirat

Kirat is a New York City based therapist, meditation instructor, and inspired student of Tibetan Buddhism. Her personal journey and deep course of study has led her to craft a pathway to guide others in personal development, conscious exploration, transformational practices, and life’s shifts. Her work emphasizes the integrative nature of honoring both the realm of the mind and the instinct. 

Kirat’s training in tarot invites an archetypal exploration of one’s experience in order to invite greater freedom and expansion. Her work is centered on the collaborative relationship between symbolic guidance and the sophistication of the intellect to offer an enriched understanding of oneself, one’s life, and the process of transformation.

Through her studies at Columbia University and The Nalanda Institute, Kirat merges contemplative training with the field of psychology to identify how these practices can be used as instruments for individual and societal change. From her research at The Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia to working with diverse communities across the city, she seeks to understand and deconstruct the multilayered conditioning that prohibits human flourishing. 

Her training at The Tibet House, MNDFL Meditation, and in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction lineage has allowed her to develop a multidimensional approach to support clients on their path toward greater alignment and joy. As a community organizer and explorer, Kirat celebrates leading a life centered around prosocial values and ethical wellbeing through her advocacy for sustainable craft, plant medicine, sincere dialogue, and social connection.